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KCC Announces Society of the Lighted Torch Inductees

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (September 19, 2016) – Kansas Christian College (KCC) announced today the names of those who will be inducted [...]

KCC Adds New Agreement with MidAmerica Nazarene

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (September 29, 2016) – Kansas Christian College (KCC) announced today that it has established a 2+2.5 agreement with [...]

ABHE to Visit KCC

NOTICE: Kansas Christian College will be hosting a comprehensive accreditation visit by a team of evaluators from the Association for [...]

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Kansas City Online Bible College

The Kansas City Bible College Campus continues its goal of providing servants of the Lord in our state a chance to study and advance themselves. They can do this in ways consistent with their values and upbringing and expand their potential in a Christian world. And now, we’re making ourselves more accessible than ever before with Kansas City online Bible college for people that have the desire, but not necessarily the time or mobility to study at the physical Bible college campus in Kansas City MO.

Reaching Out To All Worlds
The Kansas City Bible College Campus has been a place of learning and faith in the state of Missouri since 1938. During all those decades, the goal of the college has never changed, seeking to educate young Christians in their faith and their world, and even assist with college financial aid in Kansas City MO. And while we have been very proud and successful in our efforts, we’ve also realized that as time marches on, new technologies and new opportunities can expand the effectiveness and reach of our teachings.

We’re both proud and happy to have an online Bible college in Kansas MO. It was a necessary step, and one we were very much looking forward as having the ability to reach out to the online world allows more people an opportunity to learn about their Christian faith, even if time or geographical restraints get in the way. We want anyone who has a sincere desire to learn about their faith and conducting themselves in thoughtful Christian grace to have the opportunity to do so. Providing an online component does this, dramatically expanding our reach, and allowing many more people to have the educational opportunities they deserve. We also provide Kansas City college financial aid for those that are experiencing challenges in securing the funding they need to pay for the education that they want.

A Mission Of Faith
The Kansas City Bible College Campus is here to provide a fully accredited and recognized quality Christian education to anyone that wants to advance themselves and their learning within a Christian worldview. We offer traditional classes on the campus, “hybrid courses” that mix both traditional location-based education with an online component, as well as full digital courses at our Kansas City online Bible college. In addition we offer a variety of different forms of financial aid, including reduced rates for classes and even free introductory classes for those students unsure if a particular course is right for them.

Kansas City Bible College Campus is proud of its faith, proud of its alumni and what they have gone on to do in the world, and is always looking forward to admitting new students eager to expand their faith and their education. Whether you come to the actual campus, seek financial assistance to help with your learning, or attend your classes and get your education online, we have something here for any Christian with a sincere desire to learn about themselves and the world of faith they live in.