KCC Alumni

KCC alumni are out on the front lines of the faith, changing the world and making disciples of Jesus Christ. Many have gone on to become pastors, missionaries and educators, while many others have entered professions ranging from politics to technology to corporate leadership. Regardless of their fields, one thing KCC alumni have in common is a desire to bring glory to God and to share His truth and love with the world around them.

What equips them to effectively communicate this message? First, it is God Himself, who pours out His Spirit into His children and allows them to be effective for Him (Acts 2:17). Beyond that, it is the education and training they received at KCC, which gave them solid teaching from God’s Word and wisdom for the journey.

Many KCC students desire to remain connected to the college beyond graduation. One way they do this is through the KCC Alumni Facebook page. Members of the official Alumni Association can also connect on Facebook. KCC also offers a number of ways for alumni to volunteer, contribute or donate to the college and make a difference in the lives of current and future students.

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KCC and OCH Alumni Association

The KCC and OCH Alumni Association sponsors a number of events and activities during the year in an effort to enhance alumni involvement in the school and encourage opportunities for fellowship. Dues and fundraising proceeds help finance events and projects at KCC.