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On Campus Degree Programs

Kansas Christian College is proud to offer the following on-campus degree programs designed to equip students for kingdom service.

For more information, including program requirements, see the Academic Info section of the KCC Catalog.

KCC Traditional Degree Programs:

Associate of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies

This program is designed to impart a solid base of knowledge in general education and a basic foundation of theology and biblical study, preparing the student for further academic pursuits.

Worship Ministry Track

If you have a desire to lead others to worship through music in the local church, KCC’s Associate of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (Worship Ministry Track) will prepare you for service in just two years. You will be equipped to serve effectively in the local church music program and lead the local congregation in worship after responsible and prayerful preparation. You will learn to collaborate with pastors and other musicians to provide opportunities for members of the local church to use their musical gifts in Christian ministry individually, in groups, and corporately. You will gain the tools that you need to select music that is meaningful and appropriate for the worship of God, that exhibits a solid biblical philosophy, and that shows good aesthetic judgment.


Within the religion degree program, you can choose from four majors.

Biblical Studies Emphasis

If God is calling you to the area of studying the Bible and teaching it to others, check out the biblical studies major. You will learn to trace important doctrinal themes throughout the Bible and be equipped to properly interpret and apply the biblical text to contemporary issues. Courses you will take include Introduction to Biblical Hebrew, Fundamentals of Greek I and II, and Research Methodology. In your senior year, you will write a major exegetical paper to showcase your newly-found skills. (Associate of Arts degree also available.)

Missions Emphasis

For those who have a passion to see the Great Commission fulfilled through intercultural ministry, KCC has a course of study for you, too! When you major in missions, you will learn the biblical and theological bases for cross-cultural evangelism, and reflect missiologically on your personal ministry both locally and globally. You will take courses like Cross-Cultural Communication, Cultural Diversity, and World Religions. You will wrap up your studies with field experience in a cross-cultural setting. (Associate of Arts degree also available.)

Pastoral Ministry Emphasis

If you plan to provide leadership for a local church, the pastoral ministry major is for you. In this major, you will learn to articulate a broad perspective on the Christian life as ministry and explain the biblical purpose of the local church and the role of the pastor within the local church. Courses you will take include Local Church Administration, Pastoral Role in Ministry, and Expository Preaching. You will learn practical skills during a year-long internship in your senior year.

Youth Ministry Emphasis

God has given you a passion for ministering to the next generation, and KCC is ready to help you follow that passion. When you major in youth ministry at KCC, you will learn to articulate a biblical philosophy of youth ministry and be prepared to organize and administer a comprehensive ministry to youth. You will study Youth Programming, Contemporary Issues in Youth Ministry, and Introduction to Christian Worship. You will put what you learned into practice during a year-long internship at the end of your studies. (Associate of Arts degree also available.)

Bachelor of Arts in Education

When you graduate from KCC with a Bachelor of Arts in Education, you will have developed and articulated your personal, Christian philosophy of education. You will be ready to use the skills and knowledge you have gained to effectively plan instruction and manage classroom instruction. You will be proficient in using educational technology and media. This degree program is a great option for those wanting to teach in Christian elementary schools. If your goals include state teacher certification, there are at least two options we can help you pursue.

Elementary Education Emphasis

The student can complete the B.A. in Education at KCC and then apply for teacher certification through the American Board (, a non-profit organization established by the U.S. Department of Education dedicated to building strong communities through preparing, certifying, and supporting teachers. This process includes online preparation for the tests required for completion of the program. (See more at

A 2+2 agreement is in place with MidAmerica Nazarene University (MNU) whereby a student can take classes at KCC for two years and then transfer to MNU for another two years. When four years of full-time study is completed, a student graduates with a B.A. in Elementary Education from MNU, prepared for applying for state teacher certification in the state of Kansas. More information is available on the MidAmerica Nazarene University website at

Bachelor of Arts in Business Leadership

God calls some of us into marketplace ministry. If God is calling you to be a light for him in the market place, we are ready to help equip you to be all that God wants for you. When you graduate from KCC with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Leadership, you will be able to explain, integrate, and apply foundational business knowledge in a work environment. As you move into the workforce, you will exhibit proficiency in critical thinking and decision-making by applying appropriate solutions to strategic and organizational challenges. You will communicate effectively by producing appropriate, professional-quality business documents and delivering oral and written presentations and reports using appropriate technologies. You will demonstrate effective collaborative skills, both as a leader and team member, exhibiting strong interpersonal relationship abilities and an understanding of group and individual dynamics within a business setting. Finally, you will be equipped to apply appropriate leadership principles while working with people and processes within profit and not-for-profit organizations.

Business Administration Emphasis

If your plans include leadership in a traditional business setting, you will also learn about the global nature of business, analyze ethical and corporate social responsibility issues in context, and recommend appropriate actions. You will take courses like International Business, Management and Leadership, and Financial Planning and Control Systems. You will have the opportunity to put your skills to the test in an internship during your senior year. (Associate of Arts degree also available.)

Sport Management Emphasis

If God is calling you to be a business leader in the area of sports and athletics, KCC offers the Bachelor of Arts in Business Leadership with a Sport Management major. You will study the worldwide appeal and importance of the sport management field, as well as the moral and ethical implications of sport policy and strategies. Your courses will include Sport Leadership, Sport Ethics, and Sport Marketing and Facilities Management. Your senior-year internship will be in a sport management setting.