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Whether you’re looking for an associate’s, bachelor’s, or Masters (beginning in 2024!) degree, our 100% online degree programs offer all the benefits of traditional Christian education with the flexibility and convenience you need to further your ministry, career, and/or personal goals. You will learn to collaborate with other students and faculty, doing engaging, challenging work that will help you grow spiritually and professionally, while never having to be online at a specific time. You work on your schedule!

Kansas Christian College is proud to offer the following online programs designed to equip students for kingdom service.

KCC Online Degree Programs

Associate Degree Programs: 60 Hours

Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Associate of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies

Are you ready to embark on a transformative educational journey? Our program offers an exceptional opportunity for students seeking a solid foundation for their future academic pursuits. With a focused approach to interdisciplinary studies, this degree not only equips you with a comprehensive understanding of general education but also provides a fundamental base in theology and biblical studies. Designed as a stepping stone towards a bachelor’s degree, our program ensures that you have a robust knowledge base to thrive in higher education. Prepare to expand your intellectual horizons, challenge conventional thinking, and develop a holistic perspective through our Associate of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies. Join us today and unlock the doors to endless possibilities in your academic and professional endeavors.

Business Programs

Through our Associate and Bachelor’s degrees in Business Leadership, you will delve into a diverse range of subjects, including business ethics, marketing, finance, organizational behavior, and strategic management. Our esteemed faculty, comprising industry experts and experienced professionals, will guide you through an immersive learning experience, combining theoretical knowledge with practical application. Gain a competitive edge as you explore real-world case studies, engage in dynamic group projects, and develop critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Sports Management Emphasis

Ignite your passion for sports and turn it into a thriving career with our Sports Management emphasis. Designed for those who dream of working in the exciting world of sports, our program offers a specialized focus on the unique aspects of managing sports organizations, events, and teams. Gain an understanding of sports marketing, finance, event planning, and player management while honing your leadership and communication skills. With hands-on experiences and networking opportunities, you’ll be prepared to enter the industry with confidence. Take the first step towards your sports management career and enroll today!

Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education

When you graduate from KCC with a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education You will be ready to use the skills and knowledge you have gained to effectively plan instruction and manage classroom instruction. You will be proficient in using educational technology and media. This degree program is a great option for those wanting to teach in Christian elementary schools. This degree alone does not lead to state certification. Speak more with a KCC admissions representative for pathway options to state certification in partnership with other colleges and universities.

Bachelor of Arts in Healthcare Administration

Gain the skills and knowledge to thrive in the dynamic and ever-growing field of healthcare administration with our Bachelor of Arts program. Designed for individuals passionate about making a positive impact on healthcare delivery, our program offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers essential aspects of healthcare management, policy, and leadership. With a focus on practical application, you will engage in real-world case studies to gain experience and prepare for the complexities of the healthcare environment. Join our program and become a catalyst for positive change in the healthcare industry.

Ministry Leadership Programs

Embark on a transformative journey of faith, knowledge, and leadership with our degrees in Religion and Leadership and Ministry, or Worship Ministry. Designed for individuals called to serve and make a difference in their communities, this comprehensive program offers a holistic approach to ministry education. Delve into courses that cover biblical studies, theology, pastoral care, and practical ministry skills. Immerse yourself in an enriching learning environment that encourages personal and spiritual growth, while providing the necessary tools to effectively lead and serve in various ministry contexts. You will gain hands-on practical skills and real-world experience, preparing you to make a lasting impact in the lives of others. Join a community of like-minded individuals passionate about ministry, and equip yourself with the knowledge, skills, and spiritual foundation needed to pursue a fulfilling and impactful career in ministry.

Associate of Arts in Worship Ministry

Ignite your passion for worship and embark on a transformative journey with our Associate of Arts in Worship Ministry program. This dynamic program is designed to equip aspiring worship leaders with a strong foundation in both theological understanding and practical skills. Through hands-on experiences and engaging coursework, you’ll develop proficiency in musical expression, stage presence, and the art of leading congregational worship. Whether your dream is to lead worship in a local church or pursue a future in music ministry, this program will empower you to cultivate a rich worship experience, connect with diverse audiences, and communicate the message of faith through the power of music. Prepare to embark on a meaningful journey of spiritual growth and artistic development as you prepare to impact lives through the transformative power of worship.

Bachelor of Arts in Religion with Biblical Studies Emphasis

If God is calling you to the area of studying the Bible and teaching it to others, check out the biblical studies emphasis. You will learn to trace important doctrinal themes throughout the Bible and be equipped to properly interpret and apply the biblical text to contemporary issues.

Bachelor of Arts in Religion with Missions Emphasis

For those who have a passion to see the Great Commission fulfilled through intercultural ministry, KCC has a course of study for you, too! When you choose the mission’s emphasis, you will learn the biblical and theological bases for cross-cultural evangelism, and reflect missiologically on your personal ministry both locally and globally.

Bachelor of Arts in Leadership and Ministry with Organizational Leadership Emphasis

Embark on a transformative journey of personal growth and leadership development with our Bachelor of Arts in Leadership and Ministry, featuring an emphasis on organizational leadership. Designed to empower aspiring leaders like you, this program combines the timeless principles of ministry with the modern strategies of effective leadership in diverse organizational settings. With a strong focus on practical application, you’ll engage in real-world projects, honing your abilities to lead with integrity, vision, and innovation. Embrace your calling and become a catalyst for positive change in both ministry and organizational realms.

Bachelor of Arts in Leadership and Ministry with Pastoral Ministry Emphasis

If you plan to provide leadership for a local church, the pastoral ministry major is for you. In this major, you will learn to articulate a broad perspective on the Christian life as a ministry and explain the biblical purpose of the local church and the role of the pastor within the local church.

Bachelor of Arts in Leadership and Ministry with Youth Ministry Emphasis

God has given you a passion for ministering to the next generation, and KCC is ready to help you follow that passion. When you choose the youth ministry emphasis at KCC, you will learn to articulate a biblical philosophy of youth ministry and be prepared to organize and administer a comprehensive ministry to youth.

Psychology Programs

Uncover the complexities of the human mind and gain a deeper understanding of human behavior with our Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology. Dive into the fascinating world of psychology as you explore a diverse range of topics. Our program offers a comprehensive curriculum that blends theoretical knowledge with practical application, allowing you to develop critical thinking, research, and analytical skills. Our dedicated faculty will guide you on your journey, providing mentorship and insight into the field. Whether you aspire to pursue further studies in psychology or seek career opportunities in counseling, social services, or research, our Associate of Arts in Psychology will lay a solid foundation for your future endeavors. Unlock the mysteries of the human mind and explore the depths of human behavior by enrolling in our program today.

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