Dining Services

Dining services are provided by Pioneer College Caterers, Inc.  Pioneer serves faith-based campuses exclusively throughout the United States.  Its mission is to provide students with the highest possible quality food at a reasonable price.

In an effort to provide a complete student experience, Pioneer also provides:

  1. Nutritional Awareness Program
  2. Dietary information to help students make educated choices
  3. Meal Plans available for non-resident students
  4. “Treats From Home”
  5. Parents and friends of resident students can send a special occasion snack, cookie, or cake.

Go online to oncampusdining.com/kansaschristian or contact food service directly

  • Student Employment Right On Campus
  • Jobs in dining and banquet services
  • Students do not have to be work study eligible
  • Pioneer is glad to work around a school schedule

For more information, please contact:
Donna Brunton, Foodservice Director