Payment Options

Payment Plans

The following four options are available for payment of accounts:

• Prepayment in full at the beginning of the semester.

• Payment through the monthly F.A.C.T.S. plan. This plan involves signing an automatic withdrawal agreement. Details are available in the business office. This option is not available for sponsors of foreign students who have foreign bank accounts. (Fee charged by the FACTS company.)

• Tuition and residence fees may be paid through PayPal. Contact the school or see the KCC website for information. Allow five business days for payment to be received by KCC. Mark the payment as tuition and fees instead of as a donation!

• KCC accepts debit and credit card payments. Contact the school for information.

Timeliness of Payment

All payments due the school are to be kept current. If payments are not kept current, either or both of the following steps may be taken until satisfactory arrangements are approved by the business manager:

• The student will not be permitted to continue at the college.

• The student will not be permitted to enroll for the following semester.