Tuition and Fees Refund Policy

Refund Schedule for Tuition and Private Lessons*

• By end of 1st full week of classes 90%
• By end of 2nd full week of classes 60%
• By end of 3rd full week of classes 40%
• By end of 4th full week of classes 20%

No refunds are given after the end of the fourth week.

The date for calculating refunds is the date that the ”Withdrawal from all Classes” form is submitted to the registrar.

Important note: Contact the Online Education Department for the refund schedule for online classes.

Refund Schedule for Independent Study Classes

Refunds for classes taken independently will be paid according to the following schedule.

• Within one week of enrollment 75%
• Within two weeks of enrollment 50%
• More than 2 weeks after enrollment 0%

Refund Schedule for Residence Fee

Refunds for the residence fee are prorated as of the date the cancellation is received in the business office. The deposit will be refunded within 30 days after a student withdraws or graduates provided there are no fines and no furniture or room damage. If the student owes a balance, the deposit will be applied to it.

*Students receiving Veterans’ Administration benefits who find it necessary to withdraw before the end of the term will receive a pro-rata refund for tuition and fees.