It is imperative that information submitted by the student to be used to determine student awards is accurate and up to date. At times it will be required by the Federal government that the school verify the accuracy of the information submitted.

Both at the time of submission and in case of required or random verification KCC will review the information submitted and identify for the applicant the information needed to be verified.

The school will notify the student within five business days by either electronic or printed medium at the most recent address provided by the student as to the verification process and the deadlines for the student to review and respond to the request for verification.

The failure of the applicant to provide the requested documentation within the specified time period may change the amount of aid the student is eligible to receive or cause a delay in the student’s eligibility.

Verification by KCC and/or the federal government will operate under the following guidelines:

Notification Method

All students applying for admission to any program at KCC will be provided an email address within the campus management system. This official email address will be the primary communication tool used by the school to communicate with the students. Other optional electronic notifications may be available to the student including SMS.

A paper version of the notification will also be sent to the most recent address provided by the student.

Identification of Documentation Needed

The notification sent to the student will clearly identify the documentation that needs to be supplied to verify the application information. The needed documentation will vary based on which of the five verification tracking groups the student is in. The five verification groups include:

• Standard Verification Group (Tracking flag V1)
• Reserved for ED (Tracking flag V2)
• Child Support Paid Verification Group (Tracking flag V3)
• Custom Verification Group (Tracking flag V4) (Fraud control)
• Aggregate Verification Group (Tracking flag V5)
• Household Resources group (Tracking Flag V6)

It is the responsibility of the student to supply the requested documentation.
The notification will also clearly identify the time frame, including the due date, in which the student should respond to the request.

Consequences of the Student Response

All notifications regarding a request for verification information shall clearly identify the consequences should the student not meet the deadlines for supplying the information requested (i.e. If the requested information is not received by the date specified, your eligibility to received Title IV funds cannot be determined, therefore, an award cannot be made until this information is received.).

Any delay in your response to this request will cause a delay in the receipt of any monies to be applied to your outstanding school bill. A delay in your response or your failure to respond to this request can cause you to “forfeit the Federal Pell Grant for the award year; and return any Federal Pell Grant payments previously received for that award year.” CFR § 668.60 (c) (2)(i)(ii)

A delay also could result in the following response: “The Secretary may determine not to process FAFSA information of an applicant who has been requested to provide documentation until the applicant provides the documentation or the Secretary decides that there is no longer a need for the documentation.” CFR §668.60 (d)

Correction of Identified Incorrect Information Following Verification

Should an error in the student information be identified as a result of the verification process the Financial Aid Director will, within 30 days of receiving the correct information, review and correct the information in all appropriate KCC and ED electronic systems. The FAD will also determine from the corrected information any changes in the amount of Title IV money due the student and will notify the student via the same notification methods above of the changes resulting from the new information.

Fraud Identification

In the event that through the verification process or through any other means information is identified that leads to suspicion of any type of fraud or deception in an attempt to gain access to Title IV money on behalf of a student, Kansas Christian College will immediately refer that information to the Office of Inspector General of the Department of Education for investigation. This would include any type of information relevant to the eligibility and funding of the institution and its students though the Title IV or HEA programs and would include any false claims of identity or US citizenship, independent student status, false statements of income or forgery of signatures or certifications.

Government Contact

Office of Inspector General
US Dept. of Education
1999 Bryant St Suite 1440
Dallas, TX 75201
Tel: 214-661-9546