Withdrawal Policies

Students who desire to withdraw from a class must first secure the appropriate form from the registrar’s office and follow the procedure outlined by that form. Students may withdraw from a class prior to the second class meeting with no reflection of this on their permanent record. Students who withdraw from classes after the second class meeting but before the beginning of the tenth full week of the semester will receive a grade of “W” on their permanent record.

After the beginning of the tenth week, the professor must assign a regular letter grade for the class. This does not apply to students who, because of an emergency, are required to drop all courses.

Those students who leave school without consulting the academic dean and the business manager and without filling out a “Withdrawal from College” form (available at the administrative offices) will be considered as currently enrolled and shall be regarded as absent until they have properly withdrawn from school. Until students are officially withdrawn from school, their current expenses shall continue to be charged.

Any student who has been dropped from all of his individual courses because of absences without adequate excuses will be considered officially withdrawn from the school on the date he was dropped from his last course.