Withdrawal Policies

Kansas Christian College now offers all of its courses in five- (undergraduate) and six-week (graduate) lengths.  For residential programs, students have the following terms and subterms:

  • Fall
    • Subterm A
    • Subterm B
    • Subterm C
  • Winter Interterm
  • Spring
    • Subterm A
    • Subterm B
    • Subterm C
  • Summer 1
  • Summer 2

Courses run from Tuesday to Monday for every course offered for each of the weeks of the course.

If students wish to withdraw from any of the courses in any of the programs, the withdrawal deadlines follow this structure: 

      • Last day to enroll in the course:  4th day of the course (Friday of Week 1)
      • Last day to drop with a 75% refund:  7th day of the course (Monday of Week 1)
      • Last day to drop with a 50% refund:  14th day of the course (Monday of Week 2)
      • Last day to drop with no refund:  28th day of the course (Monday of Week 4)

For residential programs in the terms noted above, the specific dates are published in the academic catalog.  For cohort-based programs that operate on a rolling enrollment schedule, the structure remains the same but are dependent on the dates of the cohort and course start. 

To drop a course, students should reach out to the student success and discuss their situation to see if there are alternatives to withdrawing from a course.  If there are not any workable solutions, students should complete the “Academic Admin: Add/Drop Class” in Populi.

If a student needs to withdraw from the program entirely, they should first consult the student success coordinator who may engage the Academic Dean to determine if there are solutions to allow the student to continue.  If there are not workable solutions, then the student should complete the “Drop Program” form in Populi.  Those students who leave school without consulting the student success coordinator and the business manager and without filling out a “Drop Program” form will be considered as currently enrolled and shall be regarded as absent until they have properly withdrawn from school. Until students are officially withdrawn from school, their current expenses shall continue to be charged.

Any student who has been dropped from all of his individual courses because of absences without adequate excuses will be considered officially withdrawn from the school on the date he was dropped from his last course.