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Whether you’re looking for an associate’s, bachelor’s, or Masters (beginning in 2024!) degree, our 100% online degree programs offer all the benefits of traditional Christian education with the flexibility and convenience you need to further your ministry, career, and/or personal goals. You will learn to collaborate with other students and faculty, doing engaging, challenging work that will help you grow spiritually and professionally, while never having to be online at a specific time. You work on your schedule!

Associate and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Uncover the complexities of the human mind and gain a deeper understanding of human behavior with our Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology. Dive into the fascinating world of psychology as you explore a diverse range of topics. Our program offers a comprehensive curriculum that blends theoretical knowledge with practical application, allowing you to develop critical thinking, research, and analytical skills. Our dedicated faculty will guide you on your journey, providing mentorship and insight into the field. Whether you aspire to pursue further studies in psychology or seek career opportunities in counseling, social services, or research, our Associate of Arts in Psychology will lay a solid foundation for your future endeavors. Unlock the mysteries of the human mind and explore the depths of human behavior by enrolling in our program today.

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