Degree Programs

Kansas Christian College is proud to offer the following degree program designed to equip students for kingdom service. This degree program can be completed by taking classes online or on campus.

Associate of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies

Are you ready to embark on a transformative educational journey? Our program offers an exceptional opportunity for students seeking a solid foundation for their future academic pursuits. With a focused approach to interdisciplinary studies, this degree not only equips you with a comprehensive understanding of general education but also provides a fundamental base in theology and biblical studies. Designed as a stepping stone towards a bachelor’s degree, our program ensures that you have a robust knowledge base to thrive in higher education. Prepare to expand your intellectual horizons, challenge conventional thinking, and develop a holistic perspective through our Associate of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies. Join us today and unlock the doors to endless possibilities in your academic and professional endeavors.

Admission Requirements

Tuition and Fees