Annual Fund

KCC Annual Fund

Supporters who give to KCC’s Annual Fund contribute to a crucial area of need for us as we to continue our mission of providing Christian education throughout to our students. The Annual Fund supports the annual budget, which pays our trained faculty and staff, provides technology resources and funds new programs to serve our students. With today’s every-changing world, the need for funds in this area is higher than ever.

Monthly Support

One easy way to become a regular KCC contributor is to establish a monthly or recurring gift, which you can do in one of two easy ways:

  • Set up automatic deductions from a bank account.
  • Set up automatic payments through a credit card.

Payments can be deducted on the date of your choice, and you can change the amount or date of your gift at any time. Receipts will be provided after each gift.

Corporate Matching Gifts

Many businesses and companies will generously match an employee’s charitable contributions to a 501(c)3 entity. Participating employers will provide forms for you to send in with your donation or give you an online link.

Check with your employer today find out if they offer matching contributions!

Use the Contact Form on this page to set up your corporate matching gifts, or call below. »