Giving – Building for Strength

Time to Build

At Kansas Christian College, we believe that the need for Christian education and scholarship has never been greater. As our nation has pursued secularization, our schools have become grounds for spiritual and moral confusion, leading young men and women away from the truth that they were created by God for a divine purpose. Without Christian institutions, any teaching that is filtered through a biblical worldview would be no more.

Because thousands of students still want to honor God with their lives and to be equipped for service to Him regardless of their vocations, there remains a major need for schools that will rise up and teach them, giving them skills and knowledge that is grounded in truth. Truth that says no matter what vocation you choose, you were created to do your work for God’s glory (Colossians 3:23). Truth that says we were created to go and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19). Truth that says God is for us and will be with us wherever we go (Joshua 1:9).

With societal changes, it is now up to Christian schools of every level to teach this truth. And these schools must equip students to critically and diligently think through the difficult issues of our day so that they can fulfill their calling as followers of Jesus Christ.

Throughout our history, we have seen God use KCC to produce leaders who are making a transformational impact on the culture by showing and sharing the love of Christ. We have watched God use our institution to challenge students to become servant-leaders who engage their minds, hearts, and actions for good. Through innovative new programs and solid traditional academics, we have seen students come to know Jesus, start new ministries and begin academic preparation for their vocational calling. A solid foundation has been laid, and we are positioned to make an even greater impact well into the future.

Through our current Building for Strength campaign, we invite you to be part of what God is doing at KCC and to invest in the future of the school and its students.

The Focus

The opportunity to impact a generation of leaders who want to do something to impact their culture has never been greater. With this in mind, KCC is focusing on four key areas of development throughout this campaign—areas that we believe are important for us as we develop passionate Christian leaders who are equipped for a lifetime of Kingdom service:

  • Expanding our Reach
  • Increasing our Infrastructure
  • Enhancing our Academics
  • Strengthening our Foundation

The Steps

Our strategy for reaching our campaign goals is broken down into four steps. The first step has been completed, and we are currently in Step 2 – Building for Strength.

  • Step 1 – LAYING THE FOUNDATION (Completed)
  • Step 2 – BUILDING FOR STRENGTH ($1 million)
  • Step 3 – BUILDING FOR EXPANSION ($1.25 million)
  • Step 4 – BUILDING FOR SUCCESS ($3.5 million)

Give Now

There is no question. Your gift to KCC will have a lasting effect on eternity. Every dollar you invest in KCC will go toward making Christian leaders who will carry the faith into the future as they lead and love people to Christ. Each contribution will change the world by facilitating the ministry training of bright and passionate students who will proclaim and defend the gospel.

Current KCC graduates are scattered around the globe making disciples as pastors, missionaries, politicians, lawmakers, educators, authors, musicians, and professionals in a host of industries. With your help, we can continue the cause and fan the flame of faith in students, in nations, and in the world.