Student Life in Kansas City

Move-in & New Student Orientation and Kick-Off

KCC understands that college is a pivotal time in the lives of students. Suddenly away from home, they enter a world of new experiences and challenges and are forced to make decisions that carry tremendous weight. That’s why our student life aspect is so important. Instead of diving headfirst into a university environment that has no formal regard for Christ, students can come to KCC and walk through their critical college years with others who are seeking the Lord and doing their best to live His way. At KCC, they will find friends and mentors who will help them navigate the daily life of a college student and help point them to Christ.


Students who live on campus will stay in KCC’s Shaver Hall with their fellow Falcons and the KCC dorm parents. Located across the street from Cowen Memorial Auditorium and Palmer Library, Shaver Hall is a two-minute walk from the college classrooms. It houses the student cafeteria, laundry facilities, the Falcon Fortress student lounge, and guest housing.

Spiritual Development

To facilitate the spiritual growth of its students, KCC employs a campus chaplain who oversees student discipleship groups, is available for one-on-one meetings, and who coordinates weekly chapel services. These services, held in different places on different days, allow students and faculty members to take a break from their class schedules and hear a message from a member of the KCC staff or a guest speaker.

Outside of school activities, students also are encouraged to get involved in one of the many local churches, several of which are active partners and supporters of KCC.


Located in the heart of Overland Park, Kansas, KCC offers its students the chance to experience life in one of Travel + Leisure’s highest-ranked cities: Kansas City.

Within the immediate area, students can find restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, pharmacies, parks, and a variety of job opportunities. And just by taking a short drive, they can engage in the broader scope of activities provided by the Kansas City metro, which includes some of the country’s finest art, sports, food, and more!

Here are a few of our students’ favorite activities in Overland Park and surrounding areas:

There’s a reason why Overland Park was ranked number 17 in’s Top 100 Best Places to Live (2014).

Dining Services

At Kansas Christian College, students residing in the dormitory are provided with a convenient food service option. It is optional, giving each student the opportunity to make the right choice for themselves. To provide a diverse and satisfying dining experience, Kansas Christian College collaborates with local vendors and restaurants, offering a wide range of culinary options for students to enjoy. This partnership ensures that students have access to nutritious and delicious meals during their time at the college.

Come to KCC and discover it for yourself!

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